Aistipaja Resonoiva

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Aistipaja Resonoiva Ltd. provides occupational therapy services for children, adolescents and adults. Reception visits (at Aistipaja Muurarinkuja 1 F, 02650 Espoo) and home, school and kindergarten visits.

Supervision for individuals working in social and health care as individual and group supervision.

Consulting and planning service for the design of quiet, non-sensory spaces using new technologies. The senses need to be able to relax and calm down in order to have an optimum level of alertness. We need proper nutrition for all our senses, for our hearing, sight, sensation, smell, taste and motion, as well as for balance.

  • SI Therapy (Sensory Integration Therapy) Special Occupational Therapist Mirja Linjama

  • NDT Therapy (Neurodevelopmental Treatment/Bobath) Occupational Therapist Oili Alasalmi

  • Empowering photography

  • Advice and counseling service for children, adolescents, adults and seniors to help everyday life

  • The use of augmented audio technology in everyday life and in the sensory room environment